Each year, G8 Education hosts a national conference. Centre Managers, Area Managers, and Regional Managers from G8's 500+ centres across Australia come together to connect, learn about the companies many initiatives, and to get motivated. 
In early 2019, I was asked to design a logo for the theme of the year; Connect.
I put together several options, these were circulated with the Executive Leadership Team, and the above logo was selected. The infinity/eight symbol in the word 'connect' reflects the G8 Education logo. The icon clearly represents connection and togetherness. The colour palette makes use of the newly developed G8 Style Guide, solidifying the refreshed brand. 
Once the theme and logo were decided, we hit the ground running. With just a couple months until the conference date, the order in which collateral was developed was significant.
With the tightest lead time for print, signage was definitely first up. Between 'Connect' themed hanging fabric banners, welcome decals for the glass entry doors, pull up banners highlighting the categories and prizes for the Awards Gala, sponsorship EZY tube logo walls, branded column box wraps, directional floor decals, and a variety of entryway vinyl hanging banners, it was a fun and quick introduction to the 'Connect' brand. 
Next up were a few clothing pieces. T-shirts for the support office team members, differentiated by colour, depending on if you're at the conference to present, are a sponsor, or are generally there help out centre managers across the three days. Branded lanyards were also created, along with name slips, and a timetable for the duration of the conference. A few digital pieces were also created, from entry TV screens to identify each conference room name, to a conference app which was developed with Aventri, an event management company. 
MERCHANDISE​​​​​​​ ​​​​​​​
G8 Education partnered with Bupa for the 2019 conference. A part of this involved supplying the 'Connect' logo to be printed alongside the Bupa logo to a variety of fun pieces. Sunscreen, stress balls, battery packs, chapstick, water bottles, pens, and more, were all branded and gifted to centres managers in branded conference totes. 
As I am a part of the G8 Education Marketing Team, of course marketing booth received some special attention when it came to putting together designs for the conference. I designed walls for our booth which were printed on foam core, really capturing the conference identity. One of our company initiatives was a the launch of a Local Area Marketing Portal. To advertise this, we put together an accordion pamphlet, highlighting the exciting things to come. We had also recently put together a marketing magazine to help connect with the centres and communicate our initiatives. 
The final, and possibly the largest piece of creative was the presentation. The screen for the main conference hall measures 20 metres, and each slide over the course of the three day conference was custom designed to present to a crowd of 750+ centre managers. 
In between the creation of the conference branded collateral, I received a few design requests from support office team members to help bring their stands to life. Below are just a couple, including converting the customer journey to a series of EZY Tube banners, and also a banner and some tri-fold pamphlets for the People and Culture team. 
Over the three days, we were lucky enough to have a film crew running around, recording the whole experience. Check out this video. It really captures the magic of the G8 Conference 2019. 
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