The brief was to create an in depth, well thought out, fantastical concept which an entire brand could be designed around.
My solution to the brief: SIMTREX.
But what is SIMTREX?
The words Simulated, Travel and Experience come together to create the brand name SIMTREX.
The brand is triadic. The imagination of the customer, and the equiptment and service of SIMTREX come together to produce a simulated travel experience as outrageous and extraordinary as the human imagination can design.
The brand is split in two.
A choice.
The customer may explore a realistic vacation style simulation, anywhere on this earth that they may desire; Reality.
Or, the customer may create unrealistic, unbelievable, fantastical experiences not of this earth; Fantasy.
At this divide the brand makes use of different imagery. For all applications focused towards Reality, land based photography of earth is used. For applications focused towards Fantasy, mystical sky and space photography is used. 
The use of line is also predominant in the SIMTREX brand, symbolizing a travel path, much like the one a plane might travel via. These elements of awe inspiring photography and line make up the visual style of the SIMTREX brand.
Based on the style guide developed, various applications were produced, including business cards and stationery.
SIMTREX swipe cards are another interesting application, one which may be used by customers to enter their private Simulated Reality Experience rooms.
Ceiling high banners of various Reality and Fantasy photography marked with the SIMTREX logo are another application aimed to ensure brand consistency throughout all SIMTREX destinations.
The SIMTREX website and iPad app were both designed to heavily reflect the strong brand style.
The depth of the brand continues down to the uniforms of female and male employees.
Each gender uniform include their own branded item of jewellery. An elegant hanging back necklace for females, and sleek, professional cufflinks for men.
Bringing the brand to life, an animated video was developed, capturing the purpose of SIMTREX.
Finally, and most importantly, all applications of the SIMTREX brand follow a specially designed guide of visual rules. This SIMTREX Style Guide can be viewed below in an online issuu digital representation.
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