The brief was to design a zine, or independently published magazine based around a subject of interest. The subject for this zine was decided after viewing a TED talks by Daniel Libeskind. Illustration Inspiration is a zine based around Daniel Libeskind’s seventeen words of architectural inspiration, as well as their antonyms for creative contrast. The zine in entirely illustrative, produced originally in pencil, then completed in black ink.
Daniel Libeskind’s Seventeen Words of Architectural Inspiration - and their antonyms.
   Optimism / Pessimism                                  Expressive / Neutral                                    Radical / Conservative
       Emotional / Cool                                   Inexplicable / Understood                                    Hand / Computer
      Complex / Simple                                        Political / Evasive                                           Real / Stimulated
  Unexpected / Habitual                                       Raw / Refined                                                Pointed / Blunt
Memorable / Forgettable                               Communicative / Mute                                          Risky / Safe
    Space / Fashion                                     Democratic / Authoritarian
The cover illustration is printed on a sheet of architectural butter paper, or tracing paper, referring to the original context in which Daniel Libeskind created the words of illustration.

Illustrative Inspiration is an A5 zine, with individual double sided prints, held together as a booklet with a single yellow paper clamp.

With the ability to easily take the zine apart, users may select their favourite words of inspiration, and use them as a form of tessellated paper poster, left.
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